Friday, August 31, 2012

In Harms Way

Last February we went on a wonderful vacation out west. While traveling through Texas, I spotted this little guy in the middle of the road. Vehicles were swerving left and right ahead of us, in order to dodge him. I just knew he would be killed. I asked my husband to quickly pull over so I could save him.

Once face to face with this mysterious creature, speedy thoughts of fear began to swarm my mind. What if he bit me while carrying him across the road. If he was a snapping turtle it might do some serious damage. I proceeded to come up with a plan, not a very good one, but a plan.

I took my tennis shoes off and decided to use them as gloves to carry him across the road. As I got half way across the road he began to slip, so I began to run, which caused the turtle to jiggle and slip right out of my hands. He fell to the ground, bounced a couple times and skidded to the other side. Mission accomplished, or was it?

Fear swept my mind as I ran to see if the little guy was still alive. Thankfully, he seemed to be just fine. Except for the two chips off the top of his shell close to his head. That was a close one! Something tells me he would have been better off if I had stayed out of it.

Sometimes when we try to help others without taking the time to seek God about the situation, we may be actually putting them in harms way.

Proverbs 3:5-8

Picture by Kassandra 


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    1. Hebrews 7 King James Version BIBLE